Fitness Matters is a leading fitness academy of India with its head office located in Chandigarh. It was created 6 years ago. Now our courses are also available in Jalandhar (Punjab).We are a team of highly proficient coaches with more than a decade of experience. We are empowering personal trainers, group fitness instructors and nutrition professional to spread the knowledge and fitness trends.

Our certified professionals are leading as fitness experts for the wellbeing of the society. Being updated with global fitness trends, we impart knowledge based on latest research and facts to strengthen our students. Till now the academy has provided 800+ certifications to fitness professionals and enthusiasts in different skill sets. Many of these students have successfully completed renowned international certifications like ACE Personal Trainer Certification, Boot Camp and Rehab Express. Our students are working both in International and National level platforms. Today we are a big fitness family. Be the part of our family.

About Team Fitness Matters (TFM)

Rowing together is what makes us cheerful! Rowing alone is what makes us strong ! Every individual is a very base of our team and our team is full of diversity. We love this diversity as it makes us colourful.

Team Fitness Matters is more of a proclivity. It is an inclination for what we love doing. We call it with diverse names. Soon, you will be able to explore more about our athletes and their unique skills. We will be live soon on the following link.


Vision & Mission Statement

To provide trusted and research based knowledge of global standards to both professionals and public on ongoing basis


Any academy’s strength is its students. We are proud of our students who are so diverse in their individuality and skill sets. They have helped masses to achieve their fitness and performance related goals. In return they are growing personally and professionally.