Weight Management & Sports Nutrition

About The Course

Nutrition is an integral part of our lifestyle inside or outside home. The challenges are to convey the appropriate guidelines. It is a volumetric advantage of fitness professionals to guide the client regarding their diet schedule. We are offering a “Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Certification” course. This course helps you to be outstanding nutrition expert in Wellness Continuum. Our nutrition certification is specialized for those, who are planning to start a successful career in health, fitness and wellness fields.

The horizon of our certification is global with special focus on food trends in Indian society. It will give you an expertise to develop scientifically supported and relevant plan for a client as an individual. After completing this certification you will be highly approachable nutrition professional. You will be working with clients to identify nutritional causes of diseases and help them with personalized dietary guidelines which lead to healthy lifestyle.

Course Objectives

Upon Successful Completion of The Certification Program, you Will have Knowledge in:

  • Macro and Micro Level Anatomy
  • Digestion & Absorption of Food
  • Types of Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins.
  • Ratio of Carbohydrates, Fat & Proteins in Different Dietary Approaches.
  • Physiology of Hydration in the Body and its Role in Optimum Health
  • Different Types of Vitamins & Minerals and How to Combat with Their Common Deficiencies.
  • Energy Systems & Pathways and Their Rationale with Dietary Approaches.
  • Known and Unknown Eating Disorders and How They Alter Eating Behavior.
  • Alcohol, its Benefits and Abuse
  • Hormones and Nutrition; Nutritional Strategies to Bring Hormone Balance in The Body
  • Body Types Understating and Dietary and Nutritional Guidelines.
  • Metabolism & Energy Balance
  • Nutritional Assessments and Diet Planning for Specific Goals
  • Specific Dietary Approaches and How Do They Distinguished from yo-yo Fad Diets
  • Supplementation for Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Sports Specifications
  • Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) & Non AAS Growth Factors
Program Schedule
Duration 3 Months/ 1 Month
Schedule Days Saturdays and Sundays/Monday-Friday
Teaching Format: Theory and Discussions
Exam Format: Paper Pencil – Multiple Choice Questions ; Case Study
Class Time: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Total Hours: 72-80 Hours
Theory Exam Language: English and Hindi
Training Location: Chandigarh (Punjab), India